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Card: 2015 / 2015


Minted: December 01, 2023

Contributor: 0xf8d...6bdc


The Buterin Cards collection is now fully mined. To buy/sell in secondary market go to Opensea.


About Card

Introducing the Buterin Cards, a unique on-chain collection of 2,015 cards celebrating Ethereum's co-founder, Vitalik Buterin. Inspired by the iconic Nakamoto Cards on Bitcoin, the Buterin Cards aim to pay tribute to Vitalik's immense contributions to blockchain technology. Permanently stored on the Ethereum blockchain, these cards are the result of a collaborative effort by JPEG miners who work together to upload each card's data on-chain. When the last card gets mined, more than 10 MB of data will have been uploaded.

How does JPEG mining work?

The Buterin Cards, [the second collection] employing a technique known as JPEG Mining, are a collaborative effort to upload all NFT data, including HTML code, SVG code, and JPEG binary data. JPEG miners are just like NFT minters, that upload the NFT data embedded in the minting transaction. To prevent miners from uploading arbitrary data, the smart contract verifies the data's correctness by computing its hash. Thanks to progressive JPEG technology, the NFT image is gradually revealed as it is mined.
In return for their work, miners receive a card featuring an image of Vitalik Buterin at varying quality levels. Progressive JPEG technology allows the rendering of partially uploaded JPEGs. The miners receive a JPEG using the data uploaded up to the time of their mint. The last mining event will reveal the complete image.
The JPEG mining process for Buterin Cards consists of six phases:
✏️ Pencil Drawing: Miners upload the HTML and SVG, receiving a card with a hand-drawn, vectorized SVG version of the JPEG, as no JPEG data is available yet.
🔳 Black & White: The intensity component of the progressive JPEG is uploaded, rendering the image in pure black and white.
🌫️ Grey Shades: Additional bits for the intensity component reveal a range of grey tones.
🟦 Blue Chroma: The blue chroma is uploaded, introducing blue and green hues to the JPEG.
🟥 Red Chroma: The red chroma is added, infusing red and pink shades into the image.
🌄 In the final phase, the AC components are uploaded, enhancing the image resolution significantly.


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Concept Designer/Smart Contract Dev


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Frontend Dev


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Mr Livingstream

UX/UI Designer


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Pawel Dudko

Background Animation Artist



We would like to thank TokenFox for the valuable feedback and his free use of https://onchainchecker.xyz/ tool. To Bru and Rainanav for the feedback on the card design and aesthetics. To Chainleft for his overall feedback an encouragement.